The Technical Standards for Construction (NTC) define "the principles for the design, execution and testing of buildings, with respect to the performance required by them in terms of essential requirements of mechanical strength and stability, even in the event of fire, and durability. Therefore, they provide the general safety criteria, specify the actions to be used in the project, define the characteristics of materials and products and, more generally, cover the aspects relating to the structural safety of the works".

In the field of technical standards of construction, with the ministerial authorization according to D.L. 1086/71 and the adaptation to the requirements of circular 7617/STC of 8 September 2010 "Execution and certification of tests on building materials", are regularly carried out in our laboratories, tests on:

  • Hydraulic binders;
  • Steel for reinforced concrete;
  • Fresh, hardened concrete;
  • Electro-welded nets and trusses;
  • Steel bars for reinforced concrete;
  • Stranded wire.

Thus, the MTIC INTERCERT Srl laboratory is the ideal partner for all entities that are involved in the realisation of engineering works: public administrations, prefabrication industries (construction companies, designers, works managers and testers carrying out laboratory and on-site tests).


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