Safety Mechanical Products

Mechanical products, despite their obvious simplicity, often conceal countless pitfalls and dangers for end users. As a result of increasing media attention to this issue, consumer awareness of the importance of using products that have been tested for safety has increased, to ensure that they remain safe even after long-term use or when subjected to improper but reasonably predictable use.

Below are some examples of products that are subject to tests:

  • Outdoor/indoor furniture
  • Car accessories (bike racks, ski racks, roof boxes, etc.)
  • Bicycle accessories (seats, etc.)
  • Sports equipment
  • Fitness equipment
  • Playgrounds
  • Urban furniture
  • Scaffolding
  • Kiddie Rides
  • Inflatable games

Trials and tests

WITNESS TEST on-site (at the manufacturer's premises)

The OdC is on site during the tests to verify the correct compliance of the products being verified with the regulatory requirements. The activity includes the release of a TEST REPORT.  As an alternative to the Witness Test, a Test Programme can be carried out at a Qualified Laboratory. Among the tests that can be conducted: Resistance to breakage and traction

Breaking strength and tensile strength Flexural testing
Tests under conditions of incorrect use of the product Mechanical shocks
Stability and drop tests Fatigue tests
HIC measurement for shock-absorbing surfaces Life cycles



Technical analysis of construction characteristics and other elements such as:

  • functionality;
  • mechanical robustness;
  • ability to withstand mechanical and thermal stresses.

Analysis of the documentation accompanying the product:

  • evaluation of use and maintenance manuals;
  • any documentation relating to the assembly / installation of the product.

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