InterCert GmbH - Group of MTIC -


InterCert  GmbH - Group of MTIC - , with headquarters in Bonn (Germany) and various international locations, has been under development since 2008.

The last decade has seen a strong expansion of the company towards new markets and therefore the internationalization of its activities.

Today, InterCert is one of the most specialized and dynamic presences in the offer of a wide range of technical services thanks to a dense network of collaborators and professionals.

InterCert guarantees full compliance with regulatory requirements thanks to DAkkS, NABCB, ACCREDIA Accreditations and is a Notified Body CE 2584.



Our Group

MTIC Group was born from a heritage of experience, quality and success: our history, in fact, is based on three institutions such as InterCert GmbH, MTIC InterCert S.r.l. and SPS InterCert S.A., three large groups known in the areas of Testing, Inspection and Certification. Go to the page


InterCert GmbH - Group of MTIC - is a certification body operating in the field of compulsory and voluntary certification of systems, products, services and persons.

Voluntary activities can be carried out in the field either accredited or non-accredited with the customer's consent.

Mandatory activities are carried out in the accredited field and with the approval of the competent authority, in particular with regard to the EU product directives.


The body shall perform the tasks entrusted to it in an independent and impartial manner, for the benefit of society and the global economy. Each activity is managed with the same procedures both nationally and internationally.

InterCert is aware of the importance of impartiality in the performance of its certification activities, manages the risks to its impartiality and ensures the objectivity of all its certification activities.