Welding Operators

The welding method is part of a special process, i.e. a product manufacturing process, the validity of which cannot be completely verified once a final inspection has been carried out.

For a "normal" process, such as cold cutting a profile, checking the correct execution and result can be done by carrying out a dimensional inspection. For a welding, a visual check and even a radiographic check can verify the correct geometry and highlight the absence or presence of any surface and internal defects of the joint, but not its mechanical and chemical properties, detectable only by destructive tests.

Therefore, it is necessary to proceed to the certification of the skills of welders and operators of automatic welding processes, who must demonstrate their ability to perform joints in accordance with the applicable standards, under the operating conditions provided, by performing in the presence of an examiner in charge, one or more tests in accordance with the specific welding process (WPS).

The current legislative framework requires the qualification of welding processes used by manufacturers in various areas, such as: pressure equipment, machinery, railway construction, structural carpentry, among others.

MTIC Group offers a certification service according to the international standards ISO 9606 and ISO 14732 and the American national standards ASME, with the following phases:


Verification of the technical documentation of the tests being carried out: welding procedure specification (WPS), basic material certificates, filler material certificate (if applicable).


Verification by qualified MTIC Goup inspectors on the knowledge of the welding machine, the appropriate application of the welding process specification (WPS) during the execution of the test runs, and inspection of the joint.


Supervision in the laboratory during the tests and issue of the certificate for the qualification of welders a/o welding operators.

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