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Owing to the ministerial authorizations for the certification of construction products according to the conformity assessment procedures provide for EU Regulation 305/11 in our possession we can operate as: 

  • Product certification body; 
  • Inspection body;
  • Test laboratory; 

All activites are carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the harmonised European standards that allow the manufacturer to affix the CE marking and legally market his product. 

Some of the main services offered by the MTIC Group are: 

  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems (EN 54);
  • Fixed firefighting systems (EN 12094)
  • Smoke and heat control systems (EN 12101);
  • Admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout (EN 934);
  • Aggregates for concrete (EN 12620, EN 13242, EN 13043, EN 13450 and EN 13383-1) ;
  • Construction products and elements - Fire classification (EN 13501-1);
  • Geotextiles and related products (EN 13252 and EN 13255).

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Construction products intended to be placed on the UAE market must be tested and have a certificate issued by a certification and testing body recognized by the "United Arab Emirates - Ministry of Interior - Civil Defense G.H.Q Fire International Labs & House of Expertise & Training Center Approval Committee". We would like to announce that MTIC InterCert Srl is a qualified Laboratory and Certification Body to carry out conformity checks on construction products for export to the UAE.

Following the list of products we can verify and certify:

  • Input / Output devices
  • Aspirating smoke detectors
  • Alarm transmission and fault warning routing equipment
  • Components of voice alarm systems – Loudspeakers
  • Requirements and test methods for electrical automatic control and delay devices
  • Control and indicating equipments
  • Fire alarm device – Sounders
  • Power supply equipment
  • Heat detectors – Point detectors
  • Smoke detectors – Point detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization
  • Flame detectors – Point detectors
  • Manual call points
  • Smoke detectors – line detectors using an optical light beam
  • Voice alarm control and indicating equipment
  • Short-circuit isolators

Service provided by MTIC InterCert Srl.

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