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Construction Products

Owing to the ministerial authorizations for the certification of construction products according to the conformity assessment procedures provide for in EU Regulation 305/11 in out possession we can operate as: 

  • Product certification body; 
  • Inspection body;
  • Test laboratory; 

All activites are carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the harmonised European standards that allow the manufacturer to affix the CE marking and legally market his product. 

Some of the main services offered by the MTIC Group are: 

  • Hydraulic binders; 
  • Tests on steel for reinforced concrete; 
  • Tests on hardened and fresh concrete; 
  • Tests on welded mesh and latticework; 
  • Tests on steel bars for reinforced concrete; 
  • Tests on strands; 
  • Certification EN 1090

Service provided by MTIC InterCert Srl.

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