Certification of Public Transport Services | UNI EN 13816

The UNI EN 13816 standard is intended for public passenger transport service providers and the authorities responsible for the relevant tenders, specifying the requirements for defining, achieving and measuring the quality of service in public passenger transport and providing the tools to measure and improve the levels of quality designed and delivered, with reference to the expected and perceived quality.

As identified in the UNI EN 13816 standard for the definition of service quality, the service indicators cover the following areas: availability, accessibility, information, time, customer care, comfort, safety and environmental impact.

Anyone who adopts the UNI EN 13816 standard intends to evaluate the customer's awareness of the service provided and implement any improvement actions, where the quality provided and the quality should not coincide.

With the certification of an independent third party body, the company provides credibility of the commitments undertaken with its customers and interested parties.

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