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There are many people who like to spend their time in arcades or casinos. However, gambling activities have many risks and it is important to avoid unpleasant consequences for players.

Gaming & Gambling Certification and its objectives:

Laws and regulations can be a valuable tool to protect users: InterCert GmbH - Group of MTIC -, in collaboration with the Gaming & Gambling Research Center, has developed a new standard that has been validated and approved by an international commission of experts. It consists of about 80 criteria, which are verified during the on-site audit.

The aim of the standard was not only to consider gambling activities, but also to provide a valuable tool for the protection of minors and players in general, and to ensure a safer gaming environment for them.

As of July 2021, with the coming in force of new laws in Germany for the gambling sector, for a large share of gambling arcades the certification is obliged by law.

Depending on the specific federal state and its regulations, the arcades must be certified in accordance with the certification process of “Certified youth and gamer protection” in case of, amongst others,


1.Multiple concessions (more than 12 gambling machines)

and /or

2. more than one arcade in the nearer surroundings


3.arcades next to schools/kindergartens.



Certification has several benefits:

The arcades, bars and offices related to the administration of these activities that require certification demonstrate a determination to comply with standards and to work to protect players.

Certification will improve the company's reputation and public image, making it more competitive on the market and against its competitors.

Players will be able to choose safe, certified gaming arcades that satisfy their specific requirements, with a higher chance of being protected from the possible dangers and risks of gambling.

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