Management System for Educational Organizations | ISO 21001

The standard ISO 21001 specific the requisites for a Management System of educational organizations, providing a management tool that can meet the expectations and needs of those who use their services. 

The main purpose of the standard is to create a specific interaction between and educational organization, the learner, the clients and other interested parties. 

ISO 21001:2018 Certification is designed for the educational organizations, regardless of type and size that provide, promote and facilitate the development of knowledge through teaching, training or research, in accordance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements. 

The High-Level Structure is followed for this standard, as for the other ISO standards, aligning it with the other Management System in circulation. 

There are many advantages for companies that decide to adopt the standard and certified according to the ISO 21001 standard: 

  • Allow the organization to documents its system of governance of the organization;
  • To allow, thanks to the involvement of the staff of the organization, the sharing and achievement of the objectives set and the continuous improvement; 

In addition, compliance with the requirements of the standard allows the organization to pay more attention to the needs of the working environment, the identification and protection of stakeholders, the serach for satisfaction of the end users of the training service, the focus on results. 

ISO 21001 certification allows organizations to gain competitive advantage through improved reputation and brand positioning. 

Through certification by an independet third-party body, the company provides credibility of its commitments to its customers and stakeholders. 

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